Incorrect thoughts about eyesight

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According to normal visual rules, there are many bad habits about eye use. For example, some people spend much time in reading tiny words without break and some others usually enjoy reading books in the bed. In addition, long-time computer work is also believed to be harmful to eyesight. And there are even some individuals who refuse to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses even if an eye doctor suggests that.

Some good sighted people have bad visual habits

These bad visual habits are surely to cause serious vision problems in those people, which is the common opinion of most people. However, some of these people still enjoy perfect vision in their lives. These individuals who get no harm from their negative visual habits are thought to have special genetics.

Eyesight has no direct link with genetics

Some people have different vision conditions under different personalities. When they are quiet, reversed and inactive, they can be myopic. But they surprisingly have perfect vision once in the other personalities that are active and social. Actually, vision has very little relation with genetics. Some people can gain vision improvement naturally. In fact, a great number of popular beliefs about eyesight are actually incorrect. The following is a list of some other examples.

Playing computer games does not certainly damage eyesight

The first wrong consideration of eyesight is linked with computer games, especially action games. Most parents believe that playing any of these electronic games is harmful to their children’s eyesight. This is possibly incorrect. In fact, most computer games make players move their eyes frequently so that they can actually improve one’s eyesight. More proofs are available using Google with the key words “computer games improve vision”.

Reading small print improves the eye’s focus ability

What’s more confusing, small print can also probably improve one’s vision because the eyes are forced to focus properly. The eye’s focus ability is very important for regular viewing. Seeing small objects and those active or flying things depends highly on this focus capability. In contrast, big prints always require individuals to spread the focus, so that the eyesight can actually deteriorate.

Prescription eyewear may cause vision deterioration

Eyeglasses and contact lenses for vision correction are still under controversy. But most people are willing to accept the eyewear from an eye doctor once they are told that there is a vision problem. However, eyeglasses will force the wearers to become quite dependent on them. Over time, eyesight may even deteriorate. It is important for every patient with poor eyesight to have a second thought about whether prescription eyewear is a necessity.

Eye nutrients can not rebuild normal vision

Another misconception is that some people want to improve vision through eating lots of carrots, which are rich in beta-carotene. Actually, nutrients including vitamin A are beneficial to maintaining eye health, but they can not rebuild one’s vision. Eye nutrients like lutein, zeaxanthin, minerals and certain vitamins are actually supposed to achieve the effect of prevention of certain eye diseases like macular degeneration. There is no research finding saying that these nutrients can help in correcting poor eyesight.