Borrow large print books from NAVH for free

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Nearly all of the individuals in their 50s and older ages have heard of or experienced the condition of low vision. Visual refractive errors and presbyopia can all cause this kind of visual difficulty in senior folks. Today, most presbyopic people choose to use reading glasses or more powerful bifocal or trifocal glasses. Reading lenses help magnifying the material positioned up close and provide vision aid.

Different forms of low vision aid

In addition to this type of devices that stay on the nose, there are still some other devices provide temporary low vision aid. Magnifying glasses, microscopes, telescopes and tabletop electronic magnifiers are popular forms. Well, seniors now also have access to specially treated reading materials, serving as an unusual form of low vision aid. Large print books are a good example.

NAVH library keeps lots of large print books

In New York, the National Association for the Vision Impaired (NAVH) maintains a special loan library which includes a wide catalog of large print books. This loan library contains more than 10,000 books in large print which meet the specific large print standards. All people with impaired vision can borrow their preferable large print books from NAVH for free.

Organizational details of NAVH

Actually, all large print books have a special NAVH Seal of Approval. All these copies of books are donated by publishers who publish large print books according to large print standards developed by the Founder Dr. Lorraine Marchi. These standards for large print books include font size, proper contrast, proper spacing and font type. Individuals with impaired vision have unusual requirements in these aspects.

How to borrow books from NAVH

The vision impaired can borrow those large print books from NAVH by the following several steps. The first step is to ask NAVH for a catalog of available books. In this case, a $15 donation for the cost of printing the catalog is possibly needed. And then a visual impaired person can select 20-30 books. The next step is to send a list of the titles and authors of the selected books to NAVH. Remember to tell NAVH personal address and phone number for proper mailing. After that, NAVH will mail two of the listed books at a time.

Some rules

Large print books offered by NAVH can be kept for two months. They should be returned to the loan library within two months through a return mailer provided by NAVH. Readers do not need to pay the postage because NAVH has done that. In general, borrowing large print books from NAVH is a free service.