Beneficial eye nutrients

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Eye care is always better than eye disease cure, since the eye is very delicate and essential for sighted individuals. Most people rely on their eyes in perceiving the outside world. The precious eyes usually need good care. A simple task is to have regular eye checkups from an eye care practitioner. Many eye problems such as macular degeneration can be detected during a regular examination. This article firstly states the importance of eye protection during daily life and secondly introduces the significance of taking beneficial nutrients for eye health.

How should children protect their eyes?

Eye care is especially needed by the immature group. For example, children should be prohibited from taking the habit of watching TV programs at a close distance. UV filters should be available while gazing at the computer monitor. Remember that children’s eyes are particularly susceptible to various eye problems. For young people, protecting their eyes in young ages can reduce the risk of suffering various vision problems.

Eye protection for technicians

Another group that needs regular eye care is technical personnel. For instance, welders are strongly encouraged to use proper safety goggles during their work. Chemists are always required to wear protective eyewear while experimenting in laboratories. Both welders and chemists are under great risk of eye injury or even devastation in their regular work. Moreover, sunglasses are necessarily needed by people of any age during outdoor activities.

The diet should contain eye nutrients

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, nutrition is an integral part of good eye care. When it comes to eye nutrition, the most important and effective approach is to be aware of the daily foods. As commonly known, vitamins like A, C and E are beneficial to eye health. And these substances can be got by eating delicious vegetables such as carrots and spinach. People of all ages are good candidates for these healthy vegetables and some other fruits.

Functions of different nutrients

More specifically, each of these vitamins functions in respective ways. Vitamins C and E are thought to protect the connective tissue, while vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in preventing and reducing macular degeneration. In addition, there are even various herbs that contain beneficial nutrients, including bilberry extract, aspalathus and mahonia grape extract. In detail, mahonia grape extract benefits especially the retina of the eye. And bilberry in food is considered to nourish the optic nerve.

B-12 and aloe vera

Healthy eyes also benefit from a lot of other nutrients. For instance, vitamin B-12 is believed to assist in the formation of red blood cells, contributing to the well functioning of the brain and nervous system. And aloe vera can improve body immunization system.