Short Swing for neck and eye relaxation

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A simple vision exercise called Short Swing works on the back of the neck. Many people with eyestrain will suffer from pain, tightness and discomfort at the back of the neck. Short Swing focusing on the back neck can relax the eyes and the neck. In addition, this special eye exercise can relieve the tense muscles around the eyes and prevent headache and neuralgia.

Discomfort and nervousness can be relieved by Short Swing

Short Swing is helpful in removing discomfort caused by many activities, such as shopping, sightseeing, motoring and so forth. In addition, some other conditions can be relieved temporarily by Short Swing. Conditions such as hay fever, asthma and skin problems have long considered to be caused by allergies or germs. But new studies have found out that these conditions may result from nervousness or emotional tension. Taking Short Swing can effectively remove the underlying causes.

Detailed steps of the exercise

Before starting Short Swing, a participant should seat himself comfortably in a straight chair with erect back and well-poised head as well as flat feet on the floor. Then close the eyes and move the head gently in a lateral swing of three or four inches. Imagination is also important during such a swing. Imagine a pull from the top of the head and another one from the back of the head. And the room seems like moving in the opposite direction.

How does Short Swing work?

With such ways of imagination during the swinging, the head will soon feel light and free. As the attention has been directed away from the neck, tension at its back will be gone. After that, open the eyes and paint a line around the room slightly below the eye level using an imaginary paintbrush on the end of the nose.

Mental swing can also be effective

There are still helpful mental swings with the eyes closed. Draw a large circle with the nose about eight inches in diameter. Then repeat the circle in the mind for three times, covering the same arc. Next, make a spiral and draw larger circles till the neck reaches its limit. These techniques can help the neck as well as the eyes relieve effectively.

Neck and eye relaxation

The described Short Swing involves slow movements of the head and the neck. This is generally physical swing of these two organs. In contrast, mental swing introduced above does not involve some physical movements. It just requires an exerciser to imagine circles before the eyes. But in fact, this way of mental swing also brings eyeball movements, which are shielded by the closed eyelids. In terms of actual effect, Short Swing helps mainly the neck get relaxation and mental swing targets directly at eyeball.