Bad habits against eye health

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There are currently a large number of individuals suffering from vision problems and wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Except for hereditary factors, there are many daily habits that may cause vision problems. This article lists some of the bad habits.

Smoking consumes precious oxygen in the retina

Smoking is closely associated with amblyopia. The underlying reason is that smoking will consume oxygen in human body, leading to a decrease of oxygen in the blood. It is widely known that the retina of the eye needs a proper amount of oxygen. This part is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation, which may lead to mutation of the optic nerve.

Smoking consumes vitamin B12 needed by the optic nerve

Another reason involves vitamin B12 which is essential for the optic nerve to maintain normal function. However, tobacco tar produced by tobacco combustion can eliminate the amount of vitamin B12 in the eyes. It is widely known that the optic nerve is the significant link between the eyes and the brain. A deficiency in this part will much probably lead to an abnormal ocular condition.

Smoking can cause eye wrinkles

A third concern is that tobacco is believed to cause wrinkles around the eyes. This explains the phenomenon that the smoking group ages on the face faster than the others. In addition, it is worth mentioning that second-hand cigarette and third-hand smoking can also damage eyesight. Second-hand smoking thus should be avoided.

Alcohol consumption is harmful to capillaries around the eye

Excessive alcohol consumption is also one of the bad habits. Many people may have seen a flushing face on a person who has drunk alcohol. Alcohol will speed up blood circulation and dilate the capillaries. The capillaries around the eyes are very small and become breakable after excessive alcohol drinking. In fact, alcohol is considered as the greatest enemy to the eyes.

Taking a healthy diet benefits eye health

Another factor associated with foods is diet. In modern times, many people eat an unhealthy diet, which contains excessive fat and calories. And there are even some dieters who control the consumption of beneficial foods. In fact, the health of eyes requires people to take many fresh vegetables and fruits because their nutrients such as vitamins and zinc are necessary for the eyes. Vegetables and fruits are needed also by dieters. This group of people is still advised to reduce ingestion of adipose and starch.

Improper sunbathing harm the eyes

Sunbathing may be considered as an enjoyment by many people. Nevertheless, excessive UV irradiation can cause eye wrinkles and cataracts if the eyes are not well protected. In this case, it is also a bad habit to have sunbathing without wearing UV-protective sunglasses. In fact, the use of sunglasses is recommended in sunny days even during regular activities. The enjoyment of sunbathing actually involves more risks.