Features of performance-oriented sunglasses

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Traditional sunglasses only help protect the eyes against hazardous UV rays in sunlight. And now most sunglass products have been added with decorative elements to achieve a fashionable appearance. But these sunglasses are generally for daily use. They are not the right choice when a particular environment is involved. For instance, sports and outdoor games involve certain risky factors and unusual conditions. Some people even expect more from sunwear products. Recently, performance-oriented sunglasses are popular among the professional and amateur athletes during outdoor activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, and kayaking. Generally speaking, durability and specialty are the most important requirements on these sunglasses. Sunglass manufacturers provide new products periodically to meet the requirements such as best vision under particular environments.

Tinted lenses enhance vision perception

As the most important component of sports sunglasses, lenses are required to have optical quality and visual enhancement properties. In addition, different lens colors are suitable for different lighting conditions. In other words, a specific lens tint functions only in one or several environments. For example, amber lenses are best for contrasting the snow, whereas gray lenses are capable of preserving other colors in bright sunlight. Sunglasses with an amber tint help enhance performance for athletes of cycling, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and the like. Due to its unique ability of preserving 100% normal color recognition, gray tint applied on sunglass lenses will help all outdoor sports in a bright sunlight environment.

Available lens types

When it comes to the materials of lenses, some experts believe that polycarbonate lenses are the best choice due to their properties such as lightweight, super strong and extremely impact-resistant. Polarized lenses are also popular because of the feature that they can effectively reduce glare from light reflecting off flat surfaces. The new wavefront guided lenses are designed for the best possible visual acuity. This technology brings a 100 percent customized lens prescription into reality. Wavefront-guided lenses may particularly help people see things clearly in low light and they may also provide good visual acuity during daytime.

How to choose a proper type

Though most people are aware of the need of sunglasses, they may not know the exact type of sunglasses they need. Each type of sunglasses has its specific features and is suitable for specific outdoor activities. For example, golfers may need a pair of sunglasses which can help them pay attention to the line of a putt. And hunters may need a pair of completely different sunglasses which can help them see the difference between a bird and the overcast sky. There are still some comprehensive sunglasses with the function that they can change different lenses according to circumstances.

In addition, some customers believe the quality assurance of large companies with celebrity endorsement. For example, the Olympic snowboarding champion Shaun White has cooperation with major eyewear manufacturers. This is really a good idea, because most performance enhancing sunglasses are used in a risky environment, which makes high quality extremely necessary.

Some lasting types

There are also some trends in performance sunglasses. The most popular type of sunglasses is the one with changeable lens system which can change different lens colors to adapt to different conditions. Sunglasses with lightweight and durable materials are also popular. Customers prefer to choose those sunglasses with performance advantages and sleek fashion styles. The fourth trend is polarized lenses with functions including glare reduction and contrast enhancement. And the last one is lenses equipped with no-slip temple grips and nose pads.