Aspects of children’s sunglasses

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In general, children are more vulnerable to eye injuries compared to adults, partially because they spend more time in playing outdoors. Another reason is probably that children’s eyes are immature and more fragile. For instance, ultraviolet (UV) rays and excessive sunlight bouncing off water and sand can lead to painful sunburn of the eyes in both children and adults. Kids are more likely to receive excessive UV exposure because they stay more frequently in outdoor environments. Wearing sunglasses during outdoor sports is important, especially for children. Children who like sports such as basketball or football still need to protect the eyes by choosing protective sunglasses.

What styles do children like?

There are various sunglasses for children to choose. Children can get all kinds of sunglass shapes, such as oval, round, rectangular and geometric shapes which are very popular. These shapes also have cool colors such as black and red. Children who wear plastic frames look like miniatures of the adult style. A trend is that children want to wear sunglasses just as their parents or the elder siblings do and many sunglass companies have seen this opportunity and provided great products. You can buy children’s sunglasses from optical chain stores like Pearle Vision, local optician shops and sunglass specialty stores like Sunglass Hut. Some of large stores usually display children’s glasses and sunglasses at exclusive areas.

Children nowadays are more and more fashionable. They prefer styles that mimic that of adult sunglasses. Some sunglass designs that are inspired by recognizable cartoon or television programs are very popular among children. This icon effect has been applied by many eyewear brands and manufacturers. Harry Potter glasses are just a successful example. Clip-on sunglasses that are reasonably priced can also be a good choice for children. Since there are so many sunglasses styles for children, you should choose an appropriate frame for your kids under the consideration of their health and safety.

Protection for children’s eyes

Although regular sunglass lenses are not shatterproof, parents can choose polycarbonate lenses for their kids for impact-resistance. Sunwear lenses made of polycarbonate are the most popular for children. Due to their extreme impact resistance, polycarbonate lenses help protect the eyes of children who participate in sports frequently. Eye care professionals call these products specialty eyewear or sports eyewear. Of course, these sunglasses should first ensure UV protection. In fact, most sunglasses including those for sports use can offer 99 percent or 100 percent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

Other sunwear accessories

Typically, there are some accessories when you choose sunglasses. You can get detailed information of sunglasses from an optician who will teach you how to care for your sunglasses with their products including cleaning cloths, and sunglass cords (also called retainers). In addition, opticians may give some suggestions on the way to place sunglasses.