Tips of UV protection sunglasses

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UV protection sunglasses should be your first choice while choosing a new pair of sunglasses. If you are a regular outdoor activities participant, extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays may lead to eye damage, including cataracts and macular degeneration. There are three categories of invisible UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC, among which UVC is the highest in energy. UV protection sunglasses with special treatment can block these harmful rays in different degrees. Remember that all these three forms should be blocked.

The origin of UV protection

Most of the UV protection comes from the lenses of UV protection sunglasses. Special coatings on the lenses material during manufacturing are the origin of UV protection. The exact lens coating is named UV treatment, which adds this capability to regular lenses. Always select UV protection sunglasses with labels specifying UV absorption up to 400nm, which is equivalent to 100% UV absorption. Color, style and cost have no direct help in offering sunlight protection. Many people would think that lens color is closely related to the degree of UV protection the lenses can offer. A classical example is dark sunglasses which had dominated the sunwear industry for many years. In fact, lens darkness does not determine directly the UV filtration ability. It is the lens material and additive coating that matters.

Temple wraparounds offer extra protection

Top quality UV protection sunglasses have wraparounds on temples that provide extra protection. According to some studies, certain amount of UV rays enters around the frames and reduces the function of lenses. These wraparounds prevent UV rays from entering from the two sides. Even if some eye doctors claim that side UV rays are less harmful than those entering the eyes from the front, they really deserve our necessary attention. In this sense, selecting UV protection sunglasses with temple wraparounds is a good idea. Of course, the lenses should first guarantee adequate protection.

Wear UV sunglasses in some special circumstances

There are some tips you should keep in mind about UV protection sunglasses. A majority of people know that it is necessary to wear sunglasses in summer days. Actually that is not enough. There are also some casual circumstances that still require the use of sunwear. For example, you should remember to wear your sunglasses even you are in shades since your eyes may also receive rays reflected from other objects. Fresh snow can reflect 80% UV rays so that you need to put on your UV protection sunglasses in sunny winter. Contact lenses with UV treatment cover only the part of your eyes under the lenses. You need a separate pair of UV protection sunglasses to get full UV protection.