Benefits of polarized sunglasses

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Today, most sunwear users have heard of or experienced of using polarized sunglasses. But few people know that this product has a relatively short history. According to historical records, polarized sunglass lenses were first developed by Edwin Land in 1936. These special lenses have now been widely used to block out solar glare. While most people recognize the benefits of polarized lenses, their principle is widely unknown. Presently polarized eyeglasses come in mainly two types: one is coated with a protective substance and the other has a filter enclosed within it. The former type is more common. In brief words, the coated protective substance or the built-in filter helps block the unwanted portion of sunlight.

Principle of polarization

The basic principle behind polarized lenses is that they can restrict light waves to a singular direction. Sunlight will be either absorbed by objects on earth or be reflected horizontally or vertically. Sunlight reflection by flat surfaces accounts for much of the glare received by surrounding people. More specifically, flat surfaces actually generate horizontal light reflection. This type of reflection can be filtered out by the coated protective substance or built-in filter in polarized lenses. This capability is more commonly reported that polarized lenses can absorb solar glare from reflective surfaces. Typically, 99% of unwanted horizontal reflection can be blocked. Moreover, Oakley offers polarized lenses with moulded coating at the molecule level, which provides over 99% glare protection.

Where and when polarized sunglasses are needed

Thanks to their unique features, polarized sunglasses are needed during many outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing and so forth. These glasses are particularly helpful for fishermen, because sun reflection in their eyes can affect their eyesight into the water. Doing outdoor sports or work, the elimination of annoying glare by polarized sunwear helps improve performance or productivity. Polarized sunglasses are needed not only in summer but also in winter.

The way to avoid replicas

The great capability discussed above also causes an increase in the price of polarized sunglasses. And many fake items have been developed to attract those inexperienced customers. Remember that these fake products will never provide glare filtration as expected. One way to differentiate replicas from authentic polarized sunglasses is to rotate them. If the light passing through the lens changes intensity, the lens is forged. It is wise to choose quality polarized sunglasses, rather than a cheap pair.

What helps filter different UV rays?

Sunglass lenses should also fight against UV rays. In general, there are three types of UV rays, namely UVA, UVB and UVC. These UV rays in different types have their respective risks. For instance, UVA can cause premature skin aging and UVB is a potential reason for skin cancer. UVC is more commonly found in artificial sources such as lamps.

It is the special coating on the outer surface of sunglass lenses that filters the UV rays, rather than lens color. Long-term exposure to UV rays can be quite harmful. Selecting sunglasses, the most important factor is the amount or degree of UV protection. Those with 99% to 100% UV protection are competent. Price and darkness are secondary factors.

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