Vision improvement without eyeglasses

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In general, eye test is needed if a person feels that his or her vision is less sharp than before or clear vision has disappeared. Some people are dreaded of making an appointment with the eye doctor because bothersome eyeglasses always follow an eye test. To some degrees, wearing eyeglasses means a profound change in daily lives. Actually many people hate to wear eyeglasses because they create an unnatural appearance.

The use of prescription eyeglasses sometimes worsen one’s vision

Some people even believe that eyeglasses wearing can adversely worsen one’s vision. There are real stories that have proved this opinion. One person was suggested by the doctor to wear prescription eyeglasses at an early age. But after his grandparents had told him that long-term glasses wear would actually make the vision to deteriorate, he stopped wearing glasses and maintained good vision during the following years after that. Stories like this one are thought by some doctors to be reasonable.

Rx eyewear brings no help in removing various causes of poor eyesight

Eyesight is associated with many factors, including overall body health. Vision deterioration can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as stress, mental strain, tension, pressure and even bad eating habits. All these factors can still produce numerous combinations, which can in turn affect general health, including eyesight. Based on this explanation, vision correction through prescription eyeglasses may not help in addressing these underlying causes of vision deterioration.

Try eye exercises and stop using glasses

Some doctors suggest that doing daily eye exercises can help in improving eyesight. In some cases, eyeglasses can be removed while ensuring clear vision. This method is much less expensive than regular eye exams, not to say unremitting prescription changes and new pairs of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Today, many people know the importance of keeping their bodies fit and they regularly go to the gym, jogging and possibly swimming. But few people pay enough attention to the significance of exercising their eyes.

Some optional exercises

It is proven that eyesight can be improved without wearing eyeglasses. Ordinary people can achieve vision improvement by simply doing exercises everyday. In certain cases, this achievement even arrives within two weeks. There are some optional exercises that have been in practice many years. The first step is to sit comfortably on a chair. This is the common step of nearly every eye exercise. The simplest eye exercise is to close the eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds and make repetitions. Another effective exercise is eye massaging. Eye relaxation can also be achieved by shifting focus from one distance to another.