Hypertension affects eye health

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A healthy body depends on the good cooperation and functioning of all organs. While there have been discovered and diagnosed various health problems or diseases, most of them are actually involved with more than one organ. Knowing the exact reason of a certain disease is really important for following-up treatment. This writing focuses on the link between hypertension and eye health.

People’s eyesight may be affected by other health conditions

Also named hypertension, high blood pressure is closely related with macular defects such as macular degeneration. Many eye professionals report that they discover other health conditions in a patient during an eye exam. In particular, hypertension is one of the most common conditions that are sometimes found in patients with an eye problem. Another example of eye problem is called diabetic retinopathy, which is exactly caused by diabetes. In addition, other conditions including hypertension can affect one’s eyesight. The basic principle is that the body is a whole entity in which the blood system plays an every important role.

Hypertension damages blood vessels in the retina of the eye

The clogging of the body’s transport system can be quite harmful. In particular, a healthy circulation in the eyes can be affected by various factors, including inadequate nutrients, insufficient oxygen, and the built-up of waste products and so on. Actually the well-functioning eye circulation involving tiny vessels in the eye is critical in maintaining eye health. However, high blood pressure can disrupt this normal circulation. Blood vessels compose the basic structure of the blood circulation of the body. But hypertension can damage blood vessels including those in the retina.

Eye vessel leakage further leads to wet-form macular degeneration

Those blood vessels in the retina are irreplaceable in supplying nutrients and oxygen to the eyes. These things are indispensible in keeping eye health. High blood pressure affects eye health through damaging these critical blood vessels in the eye. High blood vessel can even cause vessel leakage, which leads to fluid built-up in the choroid. This leakage is much probably to cause wet form of macular degeneration. According to the Age Related Macular Degeneration Risk Factors Study Group, hypertension has become a significant risk of the eye disease.

How to read blood pressure?

Knowing that high blood pressure is harmful to eye health, it is quite necessary to closely monitor blood pressure. And there are two basic numbers of the blood pressure readings. A systolic reading means the pressure the heart beats during blood pumping. And the diastolic pressure represents the pressure when the heart is at rest between two beats.