Methods for eye muscle relaxation

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Eyesight may deteriorate if one person becomes too dependent on his eyeglasses or contact lenses, although these lenses provide clear vision. In fact, eye strain is the main reason for visual defects and some simple techniques capable of relaxing the eyes can be used to effectively improve one’s vision. Taking eye exercises as a regular habit can help some people reduce their dependency on prescription eyewear and even gain clear eyesight without the aid from glasses.

Healthy eyes need certain exercises

With the causes of poor vision in mind, individuals can be clearer about what they need to do in order to keep good eye health. Like other sports that are used to maintain good body health, there are also some exercises for the well being of the eyes. A person can train the eyes targeting the ocular muscles. It is commonly known that a healthy body requires regular exercises. And healthy eyes including the surrounding muscles also gain benefit from regular exercises.

Train and relax the eyes in daily work and life

Ordinary people usually do a lot of reading, expose the eyes to natural light, and watch TV and so on every day. Those daily activities can easily make the eyes get excessively tired. Without proper training, the visual condition may deteriorate. This situation is comparable to a boxer facing a rival without any training at all. As a result, it is quite necessary to train the eye muscles in order to relax them. Getting relaxed, the eyes can then restore to their natural state. Over time, vision improvement can be achieved.

Palming is a good way to relax eye muscles

There are detailed methods of how to relax eye muscles. After a long period of computer work and getting tired on the eyes, a person can try to relax by focusing his energy on the palm. This method is actually called palming. It actually projects energy through the hands and palms, which is similar to pranic healing or energy healing. The term pranic healing is rarely used now.

Detailed steps of palming and its principle

In detail, this healing method requires a person to relax in a place without any disturbance from children or co-workers. It is necessary to turn off the cell phone for a while. Then the person should close his eyes and try to free his mind from worries as well as other concerns. Rub the palms to get mild comforting warmth and cover the eyes with the warm palms. In this way, the heat from the hand presents energy to the eyes. As a result, relaxation can be achieved during a stressful day.

Some other effective exercises

Palming is only one of the methods for eye muscle relaxation, which is the first step towards vision improvement. Getting eye relaxation can also be realized through some other ways or eye exercises. For instance, close-far focus shifting is a popular one. This eye exercise requires exercisers to shift their focus to a distant object after one hour of tension work or entertainment like playing electronic games. Maintaining any of the eye exercises for a long term is necessary.