Better vision and put away your eyeglasses

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Prescription optical eyeglasses are absolutely a great invention. Such a small piece of device can bring quick and easy vision correction, enabling wearers to regain good eyesight within a second. However, this kind of easiness and convenience may also cause excessive dependency on the eyeglasses. Any kind of people with vision errors is susceptible to this sort of dependency.

Stop the use of prescription eyeglasses

It is much easier to start wearing eyeglasses for vision correction than to throw away the eyeglasses. Some opticians suggest that it is possible to regain naturally good vision by stopping the use of prescription eyeglasses. In other words, it is believed by certain eye doctors that an excessive dependency actually leads to further vision deterioration. Moreover, throwing away glasses is not enough for restoring normal eyesight. After kicking off your glasses, it is also necessary to take good visual habits.

Cultivate and maintain good reading habits

A good reading habit is the major attribute for achieving good vision without eyeglasses. People’s reading habit is formed as early as their childhood, and most of the habits, good or bad, are fixed throughout the following years. What are good visual habits? It is necessary to keep a distance of 33cm between the eyes and the reading materials like books and newspapers. Moreover, it is right to put the material at a slightly lower height than the eyes. Finally, the book should be held at a proper tilting angle. These known-to-all rules are seldom followed by people. In order to gain good vision and put away your eyeglasses, it is a must to follow these tips during usual reading.

Give greater importance to eye health

Everybody knows that the eyes are important organs of the body. But we never treat them in the same way as we treat others. For example, when we get cold and fever, we may be forced to lie down for complete rest for quick recovery. However, most people continue reading even if the eyes are experiencing tiredness. In fact, any infection or diseases of other parts of the body is also reflected in the eyes. A disappointing fact is that very few people let the eyes get enough rest even if such a sign is present. So learning to attach greater importance to the eyes is the basic step towards possibly better vision without eyeglasses.

Getting rid of eyeglasses requires much effort

Of course keeping the whole body fit and healthy ensures the good functioning of vision. Though theoretically it is possible to forget about the eyeglasses and you still can get good vision, great efforts are required to achieve this simple yet unattainable target. Removing the dependency on prescription eyewear in the mind is an uneasy job. Cultivating and maintaining proper reading habits need more efforts.