Eye injury prevention for farmers

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The fragile eyes may get damaged at any circumstance, which is proven by millions of eye injury cases per year around the world. In fact, all groups of people need proper eye protection during daily life or work. Here we discuss a special group that deserves particularly careful eye protection. Eye protection is very important for farmers because there are many hazards on the farm. The eyes are so precious that they deserve the most careful protection.

Chemicals filled in spray cans are dangerous to farmers’ eyes

Farmers working on the farmland are actually under great risks, e.g. exposure to chemicals, dust, flying objects and even farm equipment. Any one of these danger sources can lead to a serious eye injury by accident. Any eye injury caused by these hazards can be devastating. In particular, chemicals are commonly used on the farm, and spray cans filled with chemicals can harm the eyes. Farmers should use these spray cans carefully and keep them in a safe place beyond the touch by kids.

Equipment-generated particles must be controlled

In addition to spray cans, there are other farm instruments used to chop or grind something. These equipments can generate soil, rocks, as well as foreign objects into the air. These particles in the air are dangerous for bystander or the farmer who operates them. The proper way is to shield these kinds of equipments and keep other people away.

Protect the eyes while servicing farming equipment

Certain farm equipment require regular service from the farmer, otherwise they may stop working. Compared with the operation of farm equipment, it is more likely to get injured while servicing the equipment. During this kind of servicing, farmers are advised to use proper tools and wear protective glasses. A mishap of the equipment can cause eye damage easily.

Use protective eyewear to avoid eye injuries

Appropriate protective eyewear can help farmers avoid the majority of possible eye injuries. Many factors of protective eyewear are worth one’s consideration, such as comfort, durability, easiness to clean and disinfect as well as smooth vision. Protective eyewear for farmers comes in various types. Wearing a pair of protective glasses is a necessity for most farmers who regularly use farming equipment or carry out chemical spraying.

Three forms of protective eyewear for farm use

One type combines industrial rated glasses or sunglasses and ordinary glasses. Fitting over one’s ordinary glasses, protective sunglasses can block out flying particles and other objects. Side shields are also available for additional protection. Splash goggles are effective in shielding agricultural chemicals. A third type of protective eyewear is full face shields, which can be worn over ordinary glasses or sunglasses. Full face shields can offer protection for a wide area of the face including the eyes. During farming tasks, farmers are encouraged to remove contact lenses, especially while dealing with chemicals.

First aid after getting the eye injured on the farm

Different eye injuries require different first aids. Particles or specks in the eye can be washed out by natural tears. An eye injured by a blow needs cool compress applying in order to minimize the swelling and pain. Exposed to chemicals, the eyes should be irrigated with fresh water continuously for about 15 minutes. It is of great importance to take proper first aid once there is an eye injury on a remote farm.