Misconceptions of natural vision improvement

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Today, it is not strange to hear somebody saying that he or she is getting tired with eyeglasses and particularly contact lenses. Everyone appreciates good, uncorrected eyesight. This universal mind does help boost the popularity of natural vision improvement. Many people may have tried various methods of natural vision improvement. However, the fact shows that very few individuals can get a success. Reports from experienced doctors also point out that the rate of vision rebuilding among students is quite low. It is just a disappointing fact.

Following a right way to natural vision improvement is important

However, experts say that the reason does not lie in the techniques themselves, but in those exercisers. Techniques of natural vision do work but they are applied in an incorrect or improper way. For example, doing eye exercises really help the eyes get relaxation and long-term vision enhancement can be achieved should a proper practice is followed. Many people may wonder how to improve vision through natural methods in an effective way. This is really an essential issue.

Psychology of the exercisers plays a critical role

The most critical problem of those people who have failed in natural vision improvement lies in their psychology. This is the root of their unintended results. As one of the world’s top motivational speakers, Tony Robbins has ever said that “In anything you do, 80% is psychology and 20% is the how”. This saying appropriately describes the current situation in the realm of natural vision improvement. Many people just start out with the wrong mindset. And some misconceptions are quite common.

Never expect natural vision improvement within a short time

In fact, natural vision improvement can never be achieved within a short term. While some people only need a number of weeks to see signs of vision improvement through certain ways, it takes many individuals one year or even two years. Those people with an opposite misconception may want to get vision improvement fast, i.e. within one week or so. They are much likely to give up even before the first check point. For these people, vision improvement will never occur.

What is the exact function of doing eye exercises?

Eye exercises are simply advised to help individuals learn good vision habits. Actually, eye muscles can not benefit from various eye exercises. They can only get relaxation from them because a person’s subconscious will take over control of the eye during the exercise. It is useless to fix eyesight problems via doing eye exercises. Until now, there is no direct case proving that doing eye exercises can rectify refractive errors like myopia. But maintaining such a habit can slow down myopia progression.

Never stare at objects frequently and get the eyes strained

Many people also have the misconception that vision deterioration always comes from viewing close objects. This is unfounded and the true reason is staring. In detail, those people with poor vision may always be looking without blinking. It is quite important to rest the eyes and avoid long term staring. Regular eye strain and stress are considered by most eye doctors as the original reason for refractive errors.