Eyelash growth from Lattise

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Under the trade name Lumigan, bimatoprost was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December OF 2008. Sold as Latisse, this drug was first prescribed to control glaucoma progression. But this cosmetic formulation has been noticed that it can bring a side effect called eyelash growth. An example is from a cosmetic dermatologist in California named Lorrie Klein. He has noticed that one of his patients has beautiful and long eyelashes after using Lumigan for glaucoma control.

Latisse is sold as eyelash-growth product

Currently sold in both online stores and doctor’s offices, Lattise is relatively expensive that its cost ranges between $120 and $180. Nowadays, bimatoprost in a generic form is much cheaper, while bringing the same effectiveness of eyelash growth. Today, the prescription of Latisse is intentionally used to treat hypotrichosis, a term for the condition of having too few eyelashes. Allergen as the producer of the product promises the users of fuller, longer, thicker and luscious lashes.

How to administer Latisse in eye-drop form

The current application of Latisse is not dependent on its side effect. But bimatoprost still has some other side effects, including eyelid redness, which may cause permanent darkening of the iris of the eye. Latisse should be administered through disposable FDA-approved applicator. Although it is provided in the form of eye drops, Lattise should never be applied with a cotton swab. The applicator is particularly designed to hold a drop and release it.

The real effect of eyelash thickening

An increasing number of women choose to take Latisse in order to darken and thicken their eyelashes. Most of the customers can realize obvious eyelash growth after a period of the treatment. The full effect of bimatoprost typically arrives in 16 weeks. Like other medications, Latisse also needs proper instructions from an eye doctor.

Why Latisse can enhance eyelash growth

In fact, the eyelash growth effect from using Latisse is unexpected by both patients and eye doctors. Related researches have been conducted to find out the exact reason. An active ingredient named bimatoprost is the direct source of eyelash thickening. And Latisse also contains some inactive ingredients, e.g. sodium chloride, dibasic, citric acid and so on.